“Travelling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

When you are all set to visit Jim Corbett, you must have to carry along the right stuff with you. There are many things we want to carry with us but not make it too much as well, you also don’t want to skip any essential things behind that can break your jungle tour. At this time, you always want to have a perfect checklist from bag pack to directions everything to make your tour smooth. Many of us planning this tour for the very first time and have many questions, confusion, and excitement all along in our minds.  Questions like what to wear, what to carry, what timing is suitable, what weather condition is going to be there- are some of them. Going for Jeep Safari also need to check the correct timings and yet also sure about that they are not going to miss out on these fun things- which National Jim Corbett is famous for. Or by chance you going there unaware of all these particular things- so guys chances are you might be ended with a surprise.


While planning to visit Jim Corbett most important thing is to get your permit before entering the Corbett Tiger Reserve. The park is divided into six ecotourism zones and each zone has its specific entry gate. Namely Dhikala, Bijarani, Garjiya, Dhela, Jhirna, Durgadevi and Sitabani. The most famous zones are Dhikala in Jim Corbett.

Trolley Bags are very good options but when you are planning a Wildlife Trip, we need flexible and free handbags with us. Jim Corbett is a place where we all go for a Jeep safari, hopping in and out in the vehicles throughout the jungle tour bag packers are good options to carry with you, so you can hang on them on your back and move freely. One last thing, carry a small bag to dump all non-biodegradable garbage in it.



Clothes are very important when you are planning a trip. Anyone can plan to visit Corbett in any season but the clothes you need to play different roles in different weather, like when you heading summer when the sun is on high beam and winters are quite chilled. Here is what you put according to season if you are heading between April -June wear light cotton clothes which are very comfortable in summers. For jungle trips, you can opt for cargo and khakis- which are style statements as well for wildlife tours. Carry dark color glares to protect your eyes from sunrays and yes don’t forget to carry hats, caps, etc. to cover your head. And for footwear get on comfy sports shoes.
If you are planning your tour between October to February then you must carry warm clothes with you like heavy jackets, pullovers, mufflers, gloves, etc. for morning and evening views of the jungle. For the rest of the day, you may go with lightweight sweaters or hoodies along with cargo or jeans.

This is an exciting part of our checklist. Are you ready for Jeep Safari adventures?  Wildlife photographers head towards the national park or wildlife sanctuary to capture the most breath-taking of their life. The park has become a beloved place for seasoned wildlife photographers and amateurs as well just to get the right shots of their art. From closeup to motion ups shots there are endless opportunities. To click great wildlife photographs must carry a camera lens with you, otherwise, you can miss capturing the amazing views of seasoned animals over there.   Also, carry flashlights and adaptors for charging your lenses or phones.

After checking all the things in our list, head towards the last but very important part of the list which is your id proofs. carry ID cards of all members while traveling for Jim Corbett, First aids, Sanitary requirements, A travel Towel, Antiseptics, medicines like allergy pills, Sanitizers, disinfector, dry soaps, shampoo, etc.
NVR Travels entered here to make your checklist easier, so you don’t have to worry at all and won’t miss out on anything, just sit back, relax and plan your adventure trip with us. There you are! All set to visit Jim Corbett- the jungle journey of your life experience.
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