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Andaman and Nicobar islands is an archipelago of around 527 islands sitting off India’s eastern coast. Nearly 1000 kms from mainland India, this beach paradise has become one of India’s most desired destinations. And if you are a fan of planned travels and hasssle-free holidayexperiences, opting for an Andaman tour package is the way to go. Being an epitome of picture-perfect beach destination, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Andaman &Nicobar islands from all over the world every year to experience the beach vibes and rich culture. True to the hype, Andaman and Nicobar islands offer a wide range of things to do for almost each kind of traveller. Water sports, trekking, and boat rides are some great activities for adventure lovers, and white sandy beaches and cozy restaurants welcome laid-back vacationers. So, if you are someone who wants to explore these gorgeous islands in Indian Ocean without compromising on comfort and safety, Andaman tour packages offered by NVR Travels just make it easier and simpler than ever. These packages include number of facilities such as sightseeing tours, outdoor activities, luxurious and comfortable accommodations, and transfers. So, why wait when you can book yourself a great Andaman and Nicobar island tour package right now!Almost all Andaman vacation packages include a local sightseeing tour. The guided city tour usually covers tourist attractions of Port Blair, such as Cellular Jail and the Light and Sound Show, Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Anthropological Museum, Science Center, Mahatma Gandhi Marine Park and Chatham Saw Mil. Nearby beaches that can be visited are ChidiyaTapu and Wandoor Beach. Less frequented by tourists, they are usually secluded during the day and see some hustle bustle at the time of sunset. They can be included in the Andaman and Nicobar Island tour package if there is a leisure day in the itinerary.

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